Who we are

Mountains of the north, adventure in Asturias

It is a company specializing in active tourism and nature, authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Principality of Asturias for the organization and participation of activities within the provisions of Decree Law 92/2002, July 11.


Our company is born of professionals who love adventure sports and have turned this into a way of life with their own identity, trying to take care of the details to the maximum and thus be able to provide the best possible service for our clients.

We started our adventure in the year 2001. All our professionals, both technical personnel and titular, accredit a wide experience fruit of their natural disposition for the sport, their specific training in these activities and their previous work experience.


Direct contact with nature and the challenge to the laws that govern it are the basis of the success that accompanies our activities.

This does not take away from northern mountains bet for safety as one of the factors that also contribute to fully enjoy adventure sports.

Therefore, in addition to providing the necessary equipment for its practice, our company offers experienced guides and insurance policies that cover many contingencies that no one, even the most expert, is exempt.

These activities usually do not involve serious levels of risk, but accidents are unpredictable and can cause serious injuries from small wounds or bruises. That is why we recommend that if you want to enjoy nature actively, you hire the services of a specialized company like ours.

“Quality and service”

Our commitment to quality within what is active tourism is firm. This certifies the Diploma that the Principality of Asturias granted us in 2007 for our collaboration in the tourism development of the region.

In addition, we are enrolled in environmental management systems, technological development and quality.

In 2009 we obtain the prize of tourist quality within our sector, being a recognition to the perseverance of the described area.

Currently, in 2018, we remain registered in the SICTED, renewing year after year and adapting to the evolution of our sector.