Horseback riding routes

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Horseback Riding: Activity description

Asturias is an idyllic place to make horseback riding routes, its climate and its landscapes make this activity develop with high quality content.

These animals favor balance, psychomotor coordination, arouses the sense of responsibility in children, enhances intuition and body communication, in general brings many physical and psychic benefits.

If you want to ride a horse in Asturias, with a docile animals and the supervision of experienced riders, mountains of the north proposes these three routes on horseback:

Horseback riding routes:

  • Horse riding on horseback and runway: price for children in first class horses (€10)
    . Firm of Sand. 12 meters of radio in the arena; 400 meters long and 4 wide on track. Typ
    e of travel: plain, sand floor. Pace o
    f gait: step, trot or short gallop, according to rider training. A
    pproximate time: 30 minutes.
  • Ascent to the Church of Santa María de Junco:

    Type of travel: steep rises and downs and a flat part. Pace
    of gait: step. Appro
    ximate time: 1 hour and 15 minutes. €25

  • Horseback riding along the banks of the Sella:

    Type of travel: plain.
    Pace of gait: step.
    Approximate time: 1 hour. €25

The routes are made in the town of Ribadesella, 1 km from the village, in an area appropriate for this type of activity. The wetlands of La Ribera del Sella are an appointment of migratory birds of great ecological value.

The price includes:

  • Guide.
  • Saddle Horse.
  • Helmet.
  • Insurance.
  • All routes are guided.