Rafting in Asturias

Rafting: Description of the activity.

In spring, in the Sella, with thaw, rafting is an intense activity that brings benefits in terms of coordination and teamwork.

Do you want to take a dip in aguas icy? Good anti-wrinkle therapy.

The rafting in Asturias, consists of the descent of rivers in a pneumatic boat, manned by several people, accompanied by a guide or rafter, which gives instructions and manages the boat.

The drive is carried out by the shovel or paddle of a leaf, which each participant carries, in addition to the own force of the river. It is a recreational activity in which the coordination of the crew is basic.

Rafting is regulated and can only be carried out with a minimum flow defined by the Cantabrian Hydrographic Confederation. The boats have capacity for 6 to 8 participants.

A daily departure, in the river Sella, and in the River Cares, from March 2 to October 31, with certain minimum flows regulations.

The duration of the activity is 1 to 1.30 or 2 hours depending on the flow rate, plus the return-to-back travel.

It is essential to know how to swim.

Each participant must be fitted with a bathing suit and T-shirt, preferably thermal. Shower and towel tools. There is No need for previous experience.

The price includes:

  • Shovel, helmet and vest
  • Neoprene and Windproof
  • Transport
  • Guide or Rafter
  • Insurance.
  • Locker rooms.