Potholing in Asturias

Potholing: Description of the activity.

Speleology in Asturias is one of the activities of adventure that we develop in mountains of the north and that will allow you to know the surprising interior of the mountains, perforated by the patient work of the underground currents over the centuries.

This activity arises as such at the end of the nineteenth century in France, and extends in a few years throughout Europe. In its sporting facet, it offers the emotions of the great adventures in the nature.

In the course of a weekend, or even in a single day, the caver can feel moved to a world as remote as the sea depths, or the surface of another planet.

From the comfortable horizontal caves to the deep chasms, through complicated labyrinthine complexes, there are all kinds of cavities that require different levels of preparation and experience.

In a complex exploration, self-sufficiency and team spirit are fundamental.

Basic information: Potholing in Asturias

Potholing in Asturias

Picos de Europa National Park contains several of the deepest chasms in the world, some of them unexplored, being a main characteristic of the communication between them, being able to even become real labyrinths that come To define this area as a large gruyere cheese.

Would you like to discover landscapes from another planet?

Mountains of the north proposes horizontal routes suitable for all types of participants and also activities or initiation courses focused on developing the vertical technique. Horizontal caving is a safe activity, with minimum temperature variations and climatic conditions, where abrupt changes do not directly influence.

Are you interested in caving?

We have departures every day with a minimum of 4 people from our headquarters in Ribadesella (less people consult). Once equipped (diver and front) we will transfer you to the cave (+-15 minutes) until the entrance.

After a brief technical explanation, we started the route through a rift, a narrow but accessible step, once we overcame this step the cave opens to a room of collapses a little wider.

At all times our guide will explain and describe everything you see, while it tells you the different options of travel (cat, Destrepes…).

The duration is 2-3 hours, depending on the number of participants and the course to choose. We have several options of caves, both horizontal and vertical, ask for information, we will be happy to help you.

 The price includes:

  • Diver or Monkey.
  • Helmet with front.
  • Transport.
  • Changing rooms with showers.
  • Insurance.