Paintball Asturias

Paintball: Activity description.

The Paintball Asturias is a game of simulation and strategy, which is practiced in areas of forest (only trees, vegetation,…) or in fields prepared with obstacles (trenches, inflatable,…).

Mountains of the North has several Paintball fields, located in Ribadesella and prepared for business or group activities.

We adapt to the characteristics of each one.

 Basic information

Normally in a game of paintball two teams are faced in order to eliminate all players from the rival side or complete a target (such as capturing a flag or eliminating a specific player).

A typical non-professional paintball game usually lasts about five minutes to half an hour.

The number of paintballs fired during a game varies depending on the mode of play and from one player to another: Some shoot hundreds, others a few and even some do not get to fire in the whole game.


A monitor-judge explains the rules of the game at the beginning of the activity and is responsible for enforcing them during their development.

If not, the paintball game may be suspended.

The most important rule is that all players should wear a mask that covers the eyes, mouth and nose.

The masks are specially designed for this sport and are able to withstand the direct impact of a ball of paint at 90 m/s.

As for safety, all players must use some type of cannon lock device on their marker when they are not actively participating in a game.

These devices are usually shaped like a small bag or plug that covers the end of the barrel and is held in place by an elastic cord coiled to the marker.

The sock in the barrel would trap any paintballs shot by accident.


The price includes:

  • Mask and military diver.
  • Chest and gloves.
  • Neck Protector.
  • Marker with 100 balls
  • Transport and monitor-judge.
  • Insurance and changing rooms.

You have to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes and footwear type mountain boots.
  • Towel.