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Nature is the religion of the Asturians

In the mountains of the north we want to approach it from an original and comfortable formula, the gift vouchers.

In this way you can give a drop of the Sella or a surf course or any of the activities that we propose.

You also have the option to buy and give a bonus of experiences that includes accommodation and activity, an all inclusive that will make you look like a king:)

Just follow the instructions that the payment gateway asks you and send to whoever you want the gift voucher.

  • 1. Choose the activity you want to give away. You can give away an activity, a package or an experience with accommodation.
  • 2. Start the purchase process. Choose the activity and number of participants, both adults and children. Click on book and enter your personal details. Accept the conditions.
  • 3. Fill in the person's data and if you want a personalized message.
    1. Write the email of the person who will receive the gift and we will send it with your message and the bonus (without the price) you will have to redeem (you have 1 whole year to enjoy it).
    2. Write your email if you want to receive the voucher, print it and deliver it whenever you want.


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