Descent of the Sella in canoe


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Did you lower the Sella?  A unique Adventure!!!

The descent of Sella in Canoa is one of the most demanded active and adventurous tourism activities in ASTURIAS.

With a wide profile, it covers from families, couples, groups, farewells, incentives to companies…

With minimal indications and the necessary equipment, you will be able to enjoy an aquatic activity, navigating between wild ducks and salmon that rise to spawn in the upper part of the River Sella.

It is an ancestral activity, which has as a precursor Dionisio de la Huerta and a group of boys who at the beginning of the twentieth century began to navigate with wooden boats uninterrupted until the civil war.

After this parenthesis, it restarts in a sporty way and with other types of boats more suitable to this type of rivers.

Shortly thereafter it would become what is the international descent of the river Sella.

 What do you have to bring?

-Clothing and footwear spa
re.-Footwear (with restr
t.-Sunscreen and towe
l.-Mobile phone

What does it include?

-Transport from Ribadesella to Arrionda
s and return
.-Watertight bottle and p
icnic.-Own accessories of the activi
ty (waistcoat, shovel, cano
e…). -Neoprene (Climáticasadversa
s conditio
ns).-Wardrobe service with showers.-G
uide (optional).-
Insurance R. C. and accidents.

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