Canoe the River Sella

Canoe down the River Sella: Easy and fun!

20 Years of experience!

The descent in canoe down the River Sella is one of the funniest and most rewarding adventures you could perform in Asturias.

Montañas del Norte is an expert company in adventure sports and planning stays in Ribadesella and surroundings. We focus on making the most of your free time!

Descent in canoe down the River Sella with Montañas del Norte

Not only the descent in canoe down the River Sella but also the other activities we propose are focused on families with children, couples, groups and anyone who want to enjoy Nature.

Descent in canoe down the River Sella

Why choose Montañas del Norte?

We provide an extensive menu of activities and accomodations, including cottages, hotels, apartments and campings.

Developing these enjoyable and funny activities surrounded by Nature is not only our proffesion for over 20 years, but also also our passion.

With an suitable infrastructure, our priority is to offer a direct and personalized attention to our clients.

Our customer’s profile is the one that wants to get away from routine, that wants to have fun, to see amazing landscapes and to interact with nature in a respectful way.

El Sella in family

Canoe the River Sella with your family

Canoe down the River Sella in family is one of the most demanded adventure and leisure activities in Asturias.

As a couple

Descent in canoe down the River Sella as a couple
In good company

Canoe down the River Sella with your partner. We offer the best packages of accommodation + activities, to have fun with your couple, with your friends or family. Would you like to surprise your couple with a romantic getaway?

With children

With your children

Would you like to go on a trip in canoes down the river Sella with your children? Montañas del Norte will give you all the indications to fully enjoy it in a safe and fun way.

Canoeing the River Sella

We are in Ribadesella!

  • Street Marques de Argüelles 26.
  • Street El Pico 7.

If you want to canoe the River Sella , we are in the center of Ribadesella (near the tourist office) and also on the other side of the bridge (next to the beach) where you can find free parking in front and nearby.

Come and canoe the River Sella!

It is a recreational and sportive activity in which you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape, stop to have a drink in the beach bars that you will find on your trip down the River Sella, and have fun withfriends or family.

The descent in canoe down the River Sella can be carried out almost during all year long. No special physical conditions are required.

  • We are experts in sports and adventure tourism!
  • We manage your time.
  • Safety comes first!

We are aware that your free time is extremely valuable and so we try not to have wait times so you can enjoy Asturias to the max!

We are a team of experts with years of experience in the activities we develop. Also, we have strict protocols for all the activities so our customers are perfectly informed of any factor that may influence its performance.

Steps for canoeing the River Sella

The descent in canoe down the River Sella with Montañas del Norte in four steps:

  1. Arrival at our office in Ribadesella where we provide you with the necessary equipment:

-You can get changed in our changing rooms, and leave your stuff here while you do the activity.

Waterproof container (to carry your stuff) and we include a picnic (ham sandwich, chocolate bar, energy bar, fruit and water).

Wetsuit (if necessary).

2. Departure by van to Arriondas: from Ribadesella we take you to the point where the activity starts.

The departure times are: 10:30h, 11:30h and 12:30h.           (It is necessary to be in our office half an hour in advance to get changed and to fill out some forms).

3. Activity: We give you the canoe and the paddle and teach you how to handle it!

4. Return: We take you in our vans at the end of your trip, and we return to Ribadesella, where you will be able to use our changing rooms with showers again.

Distance and duration

We have 3 points along the river where we could pick you up, so you are able to decide at that same moment when you want to stop.

  • 7 km. – 1.5 hours.
  • 12 km – 2.5 hours.
  • 16 km 3-4 hours.

If necessary, we offer experienced guides that will ensure your safety.

Everybody can enjoy this activity!

Canoes are suitable for families with children, couples, groups, stag/hen parties, school trips… And they have capacity for 1, 2 or 3 seats (this last case just for children under 40 Kg.).

[Contact with us in case of having any allergy so we can change your picnic!]

descenso del sella en canoa

With few indications and the necessary equipment, you will be able to enjoy this aquatic activity, sailing between wild ducks and salmons (that travel up the river to spawn).

piragüismo en asturias

International Descent Down the River Sella 2020

To canoe down the river Sella during the day of the international competition is possible but only after the official start of the competition.

Don’t miss the start of the official competition: a mix of high competition and folklore.