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Descent of the Sella


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The easy and fun descent of the Sella!

20 Years of experience!  [1999-2019]

The descent of the Sella is one of the most fun and rewarding adventure activities you can practice in Asturias. The orography that surrounds us allows to carry out activities to the measure of the traveler who does not conform to being a mere spectator.

We include the transfer from our facilities in Ribadesella (Asturias) to Arriondas and the subsequent return and, if you stay in one of the rural accommodation with which we work we will look for you not have to move your car.

If you want to lower the Sella, we are located in the center of Ribadesella (near the tourist office) and the area of the beach where you have free parking in front of our headquarters and nearby:

  • Street Marquesses de Argüelles 26.
  • Calle El Pico 7.

It is a leisure-sport activity during which you will be able to enjoy the scenery, stop to take something in the bars that you will find on the banks of the river, and enjoy the activity with friends or family.

Lowering the Sella in Canoa is an activity that can be carried out during most of the year and for which special physical conditions are not necessary.

Our client profile is the one that seeks to disconnect from the routine, with the desire to have fun, to see special landscapes and to interact with the natural environment in a respectful way.

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Structure of the Sella descent from Ribadesella

The descent of the Sella in canoe with mountains of the north is summarized in four steps:

  • Arrival at our facilities in Ribadesella where we provide the necessary equipment:

-You can change in our changing rooms, and leave your things in slogan while you do the activity.

-Watertight bottle to keep the necessary and a complete picnic (snack, chocolate, energy bar, dessert, fruit and water).

-Wetsuit (if necessary).

  • Departure by van to Arriondas: From our base in Ribadesella we will take you to the boarding area.
  • The departure times are: 10:30h, 11:30h and 12:30h.           (It is necessary to be in our facilities half an hour in advance to prepare and formalize the necessary paperwork).
    • Activity: Previous explanation about the canoe's handling we provide you with the canoe and shovel.
  • Return: We collect you with our vans at the end of the descent, and we return to our base in Ribadesella, where you will be able to use our facilities.

Stretches and duration of the descent of the Sella Ribadesella-Arriondas

We have 3 points of collection in the river, so that you can make the stretch more suitable to your physical condition.

You can choose on the fly which of them you want to stop: 

  • 7 km. – 1.5 hours.
  • 12 km – 2.5 hours.
  • 16 km 3-4 hours.

If necessary, we offer experienced guides that will ensure your safety and interpret the characteristics of the river Sella.

It is an activity with a wide and versatile content that everyone can enjoy.

Before the descent, a North Mountain monitor imparts a brief course for shovel and canoe management, a description of the route and some safety tips.

Canoes are suitable for families with children, to go in pairs, groups, stag parties, colleges… and have capacity for 1, 2 or 3 places (the latter for children of-40 Kg.) and has a watertight bottle that includes a picnic (ham sandwich , energetic bar, fruit, chocolate and water).  

[Special picnics (previous order), for people with intolerances or food allergies].

Soak adventure activities with mountains of the North!

Both the descent of the Sella and other activities that we propose are focused on families with children, couples, groups and anyone who with minimal physical conditions want to experience emotions and sensations in an environment of nature.

Descent of the Ribadesella Sella

Descent of the Sella in canoe

With minimal indications and the necessary equipment, you will be able to enjoy an aquatic activity, navigating between wild ducks and salmon that rise to spawn in the upper part of the River Sella.

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International Descent of the Sella 2019

The descent of the Sella on the day of the competition is a special day, although with some restrictions of traffic it is possible to always leave after the official exit.

The legendary international event will be held on August 3 and, as always, falls from Saturday.

Do not miss the exit, mix of high-competition sport and folklore.

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